Mango Lassi                                                                                                        2.75

Homemade yogurt drink blended with mangoes.

Banana Lassi                                                                                                       2.75

Homemade yogurt drink blended with bananas.

Rose Lassi                                                                                                            2.75

Homemade yogurt drink with a touch of rose syrup.

Plain Lassi                                                                                                            2.25

Homemade yogurt drink, choice of sweetened or salted.

Chia                                                                                                                        2.25

Nepali tea brewed with homemade spices and milk.

Iced Chia                                                                                                              2.25

Served cold.

Soda (Pepsi, D. Pepsi, Lemonade, Iced tea, Mt. Dew)

Beer, wine, and spirits (by the bottle or glass)